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Smart Homes.
Sustainable Future.
Modern Luxury.

The latest technology and innovation combined with high-quality finishes, fine craftsmanship and remarkable attention to detail.

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Our Partners

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Winner of the 2023 Cross Border
Zero Energy-Ready Award

Great for the Planet. Even Better for You.

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EcoLuxury Homes believes that living luxuriously shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment. We’ve taken cutting-edge technology and seamlessly integrated it with eco-friendly designs to create the homes of the future.

EcoLuxury Homes is a partnership between Skye Capital Partners Ltd. and Barbini Design Build.  Our model home was designed by architect Avi Shwartz, of John G. Williams Ltd., built by Barbini Design Build, and inspired by John Godden of Clearsphere and

Efficient Luxury

Our goals are to develop & deliver:


The most optimal use of space available


The most efficient use of resources/energy


The lowest possible operating costs


The maximum number of modern amenities available


The most comfortable environment possible – appealing to all the senses!

Luxurious Spaces in Any-Sized Places

Our concept is applicable to all sizes of homes. Our model home is on a lot that is only 25 ft by 25 ft but features 2140 sq ft of living space, high ceilings throughout, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a media room, an office, and a lift to park a second car. Small from the outside-in, but large from the inside-out.

Features & Technology

Automated Comfort - Panasonic Breathe Well

Smart systems from Panasonic’s Breath Well solutions that automatically control air purification, ventilation, heating and air conditioning to ensure consistent temperatures from head to toe, and the freshest, cleanest air possible, free of harmful substances.

Panasonic Energy Solutions

Panasonic Energy Solutions combine solar power and residential battery storage to provide sustainable power to the house.  This allows for both load shifting to reduce energy usage during peak hours when electricity costs are highest, and reserve power to keep critical circuits running during a power outage.

Panasonic Whisper Air Repair nanoeX Technology

Panasonic’s nanoe™ X is effective in inhibiting viruses, moulds, pollens, allergens and hazardous substances, as well as in deodorizing, and in moisturizing skin and hair.

Learn more

Super-Insulated Building Envelope - More Than 50% Better Than Code

Our perfectly sealed and super-insulated building envelope could keep you comfortable in the Arctic winter or desert summer.  We use the following green technologies and innovative building materials to achieve this:

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Peak Shifting to Reduce Energy Costs

Ecoluxury Homes are designed to use as little energy from the grid during peak (expensive) hours and draw from the grid mostly during the ULO off-peak period (super inexpensive).

For more details on how we do it visit our FAQ page here.

Moen: Smart Shower System

A personalized shower experience. Set and hold the perfect water temperature via voice, phone, and wall-mounted controller.

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Noise Cancelling Home Insulated From All the Elements

Sometimes serenity requires silence.  Our super insulated envelope blocks noise from outside to provide serenity in urban environments.  We also use sound insulation between floors and rooms and around plumbing stacks to block undesirable sounds from other parts of the house.

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Multi-Zone Whole-House Sound System

Noise cancelling works both ways. Listen to your favorite music throughout the house with our leading edge, multi-zone sound system, without disturbing your neighbours.

Full Control

Wall-mounted tablets conveniently located to control the entire smart home.


Security Cameras



Smart Doorbell

Garage Door

Smart Blinds

Whole-House Audio

Barbini Design Build

We are proud to be partnered with Barbini Design Build as our exclusive construction partner. Barbini is well-established as one of the best and most experienced custom home builders in Southern Ontario.

Visit to learn more

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Interior Renderings

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